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Ven a DVK Elche y te informamos sobre los seguros médicos contra reembolso.


What we usually know as medical insurance with reimbursement is a modality offered by different insurance company for the benefit of the insured. With this insurance, the client can visit a doctor who doesn’t take a part of company’s medical team by paying the invoice for his consultation and then the company reimburses the amount to the insured. This way you are covered for any expense and you have freedom of choice for the specialist you want.

The contracts associated with this type of insurance can cover all or part of the medical expenses made by the client. According to the agreement with the company, the usual is to cover between 80% and 100%, depending on the different factors that come into play when you process the contracting.

If you choose reimbursement health insurance, you will have primary consultations and assistance covered, but DKV also includes dental coverage, diagnostic tests, surgeries and hospitalizations. In addition, you will enjoy travel assistance and incidental medical costs abroad. That is limited to a maximum amount throughout the year, but it’s a good resource when we are planning an important trip.

DKV, through its different offices, undertakes to refund the amount in less than seven days. In addition, you can manage and request a refund online. Of course, as in the rest of modalities, you will be able to chat or make a video call to the DKV specialists from your mobile device.

To start the refund system for the total or partial amount of the medical invoice, it will be enough to fill out a form and deliver the original invoice and some information about what happened. This must be done within an established period of time, set by the insurance company when you sing the contract.


We can confuse the insurance with co-payment and those that are assigned to the reimbursement method, but they are two different methodologies. The co-payment is an amount of money that must be paid by the insured when visiting a specialist or using medical services. It is paid independently of the usual premium and usually ranges between 5€ and 100€.

In this case, you don’t have a refund, the surcharge amount is usually found on the next insurance invoice, linked to the monthly fee. This type of service is focused on those people who, making rational use of medical benefits, don’t usually need medical assistance.

By the other way, a health insurance with reimbursement is recommended for people who travel a lot. With this modality they are covered practically anywhere in the world even if there aren’t doctors who works with insurance company. It is also interesting for those who have a specific preference in a specialty: your child’s pediatrician, a trusted ophthalmologist, etc.


Currently, DKV offers its clients different coverages that include this particularity: DKV Mundisalud Complet, DKV Mundisalud Classic, DKV Top Health, DKV Mundisalud Elite and DKV Mundisalud Premium. From 46€ per month you can access to these modalities where you can freely choose the medical centres of your choice, even if they are not in the DKV medical team (which maintains 100% of your refund).

Remember that you can also access to the most complete medical team, which has more than 40,000 specialists and 1,000 medical centres wherever you need them. DKV offers a wide range of professionals who understand a multitude of disciplines to guarantee the best service.

The best thing about having a medical insurance with reimbursement is that it keeps your coverage practically like any other user, allowing you the freedom to choose the staff, the place or the way to receive the best medical care and that best suits to your preferences. It offers a plus of tranquillity and autonomy that many times we don’t find in ordinary insurance.


Nowadays the importance of having adequate healthcare has been emphasized. To get this, we can find on sale many health insurances that offer benefits to get the protection we want. It can be difficult to make the most appropriate choice which get the coverage that best suits our needs.

DKV, as a leader company, offers the best health insurance of 2021 with all the necessary services for any profile. In addition, it offers surprising prices that help you save without skimping on quality. It is the best option on the market that you can find. You just have to compare with the rest of the insurers to verify it.

Other aspects that make DKV’s proposal the best health insurance for 2021 is that it offers advantages for all types of clients. You can find interesting individual proposals and for the whole family.

In addition, it is also the best health insurance for the self-employed, SMEs and big companies. Members of an association or group can enjoy the many benefits that DKV health insurance offers. The aim is for anyone to have access to efficient coverage and with immediate response.

And this is what makes it the best health insurance in 2021. At DKV there are alternatives for all budgets and for any profile. You can find more basic insurance with a tighter premium up to models without co-payment in which you have unlimited access to all the possibilities offered by private medicine.


You have different options to contract with DKV the best health insurance, the most basic is DKV Modular I which only includes primary care. To have access to specialists, DKV Modular II must be contracted. You can choose from more than 30,000 specialists and 1,000 prestigious centres throughout the country.

With DKV Integral Complet, we offer you a broader coverage, which also includes hospitalization and surgical intervention. You can get the maximum care guarantees at the best prices. You can access to medical diagnoses with the highest technology and a high-quality medical team are just two of the many reasons that make it a very interesting option to enjoy the best health insurance of 2021.

It is also important to mention that you have worldwide assistance in case of emergency, so you will always have medical coverage wherever you are. All comprehensive insurance includes dental insurance for a complete medical service.

The next option you can find is DKV Modular III you will also have access to everything you need for your dental health with free dental treatments such as extractions or teeth cleaning. In addition, through Serviplus Salud, you will get incredible prices for services that contribute to your wellness such as assisted reproduction or wellness treatments.

DKV Integral Elite has full coverage without the need for co-payments. In addition to getting the comfort and confidence of having full access to the services of the best health insurance of 2021, you will also be able to access specific preventive medicine programs that can help you improve your quality of life.

Other option that you can find is DKV Professional, which also includes total health care without the need for co-payments and is accompanied by optional death coverage, and, among the reimbursement insurance, we find DKV Top Health, which is the most comprehensive insurance which ensures 100% reimbursement of medical expenses.

You won’t find anything that improves what DKV offers you. You can be sure that you are facing the best health insurance of 2021.


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