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    Should I have health insurance in Spain?

    DKV’s health insurance offers a wide range of cover adapted to the needs of all its customers. There are many reasons why we should have health insurance in Spain. Our health and that of our family is most important. Therefore, one reason for taking out health insurance in Spain is the possibility of using the preventative medical services such as tests, gynaecological check-ups, paediatric consultations and even consultations such as traumatology or cardiology, or any speciality recognised by the WHO.


    In addition to this, DKV’s health insurance includes diagnostic tests such as X-rays and magnetic resonance and even surgery or hospitalisation, if this is required.

    At DKV we have a wide range of products to cover all the needs of our customers, from the basic ones such as primary care to worldwide coverage with no limit on cost.


    Furthermore, nowadays immigration authorities demand cover similar to that provided by SOCIAL SECURITY. For this purpose, at DKV we have the INTEGRAL ELITE policy, a comprehension insurance that covers all the requirements of the immigration authorities: primary care, specialists, hospitalisation and surgery, as well as not having any medical co-payments.


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    Should I take out home insurance in Spain?

    Whether you live in Spain or elsewhere and have a second home here, it is essential that you take out home insurance to cover any problem related to your home: damage to your water pipes, a burglary, broken glass, etc.


    DKV’s home insurance also covers public liability, so you don’t only protect your home and valuables, but you also protect what really matters, your family.


    There are different options when taking out home insurance with DKV, but they all include the basic services which a home insurance policy should have, covering you for fire, broken water pipes or electricity cables, damage to third parties (such as neighbours should you cause any dampness or drips, etc).

    DKV is the first company to have an eco-friendly home insurance policy. We are responsible and environmentally aware and want to contribute our small grain of sand. Therefore, all the repairs that we carry out are always done with eco-friendly products and materials.


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